• ОКИН БЪЛГАРИЯ ЕООД е сертифицирана компания за извършване на строежи Първа група от трета до пета категория. По този начин дружеството гарантира високо качество на изпълнение както и проследяване на всички законо-установени норми при извършване…

  • Считано от 01.01.2017 г. ОКИН ГРУП АД се раздели на две отделни компании като това не оказва влияние на взаимоотношенията с бизнес партньорите на дружеството както и на служителите на компанията. Подразделението БПС наследява ОКИН…

  • The Polish and Romanian divisions of OKIN Facility since September last year have been reinforcing their teams by accepting new people into managerial positions. After the successful start of the Polish branch Jiří Janda left…

  • OKIN Group, a.s., a leading supplier of effectively tailored solutions for enterprises worldwide, received an award in the competition „Czech Top 100“. At the event, which aims to find and reward the most successful Czech…

  • DRIVE! – The innovative operating system OKIN – made it to the website of the international journal Tomorrow’s Facilities Management. Find out more in the article itself.

  • From Monday, April 20, 2015 the headquarters of OKIN GROUP is in the newly renovated premises of the industrial Park Harfa at the following address: Průmyslový park Harfa Poděbradská 540/26 190 00 Praha 9 tel.:…

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    форма за контакти
    • Copper mining
    • 800 employees
    • 300.000 sq. m
    • OKIN BULGARIA started in Aug 2015
    • Contract for gardening services
    • Fixed contract volume approx. 150 000 Euro
    • Aurubis had no proper processes for the execution of gardening services
    • There was no suitable resting area for gardenin emloyees on site (summer temp is around 45°)
    • OKIN introduced schedule of activities regarding the execution of gardening services in Aurubis
    • OKIN proposed to invest over time into ´office containers´ that are going to be installed in two places in the area of Aurubis
    • Better quality and monitoring of the service
    • OKIN ensures good conditions for the employees (also for the following subcontractors in this area)

    with the help of these solution we managed to establish bery good relationship with the client which results into more services for us

    • OKIN ensures higher flexibility regarding transportation within the factory (office containers are located in two parts of the factory which facilitates our employees to go quicker to certain areas)
    ProCredit Bank
    JDE (Bulgaria)
    Mondelez (BG)
    • Two manufacturing plants – coffee and chocolate
    • 800 employees
    • 30.000 sq. m
    • Cooperation with OKIN Facility started in Feb. 2010
    • Small contract for cleaning services of the coffee plant was extended and currently we have IFM contract with an expiration date in 2017
    • Quality evaluation is assured by SLAs & KPIs
    • Mondelez had a number of suppliers for various FM services (approx. 30) + self-employed personnel
    • Too many people were allocated to managing all FM-related services
    • Over time introduction of new services (with financial benefit to the client)
    • OKIN introduced IFM scope in Mondelez factories in BG
    • Based on the IFM solution, Mondelez reduced the number of responsible people on their side
    • Technical management of buildings and equipment
    • Security Services
    • Landscaping and greenery care
    • Waste management
    • Laundry services
    • Catering services – as of Aug ‘15
    • Emergency service, mobile maintenance 24/7
    • Interior and exterior cleaning
    • Snow removal / winter service
    • Pest control
    • Occupational health and safety, fire protection
    • Internal mail service – as of Aug. ‘15